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Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle — KODDSelection ® the web platform dedicated to the favourite brands of the Kodd Korner agency.

matiere brute selection kodd magazine matiere brute selection kodd magazine


BEAUTY Matière Brute is the first French workshop to produce fresh cosmetic products using ingredients of plant origin and seasonal ingredients. A new generation...

d lab koddselection kodd magazine d lab koddselection kodd magazine


BEAUTY D-LAB has used micronutrition as an inspiration to create powerful formulas that support the entire body. We act in depth on essential levers...

maison dassam kodd magazine selection copy scaled maison dassam kodd magazine selection copy scaled


LIFESTYLEBEAUTY At the heart of the MAISON DASSAM’s action, there is a will to build an exchange place, a bridge between cultures by opening...

kodd korner souki kodd korner souki


FASHIONLIFESTYLE SOUKI is a solidarity brand that creates and offers artisan products unearthed around the world. The creations are imagined in Paris or found...

bybri jewellery kodd bybri jewellery kodd


FASHION Bybrí is the jewellery brand created by Irish designer Bríanan McCloskey. She has been living in London for the past six years and...

mi re cosmetics kodd korner mi re cosmetics kodd korner


BEAUTY Mi-rê is at the meeting of Korean technology, cradle of trends & innovation, and chic & French know-how, to propose a hybrid concept...

junnyeshop kodd korner scaled junnyeshop kodd korner scaled


LIFESTYLE Junny is a brand of lighting and decorative objects in colored concrete, hand-made in French workshop by the designer Justine. Justine is the...

robe soir kodd korner selection robe soir kodd korner selection


FASHIONLIFESTYLE Love, rent, enjoy. Times are changing, so is our relationship with clothes … Une Robe Un Soir is the first ready-to-wear rental service...

bertille blondon kodd korner bertille blondon kodd korner


FASHION Bertille Blondon is a dynamic and passionate young brand who designs and makes hand-crafted jewelry with clean lines. Silver, his favorite material is...

one fine day kodd korner copy one fine day kodd korner copy


FASHION One Fine Day is a Paris-based brand that offers woven bags made by a group of humble artisans living west of Lombok, Indonesia....

l atelier de solene kodd korner l atelier de solene kodd korner


FASHION L’Atelier de Solène is above all the story of a passionate woman. From an early age, Solène creates fine gilded jewelry with one...

kerber kodd korner kerber kodd korner


FASHION Marielle Kerber is a passionate designer who has been designing since the age of 11. Her award-winning collections are timeless yet modern with...

marine henrion kodd selection scaled marine henrion kodd selection scaled


FASHION Magnetized by art in all its forms, Marine Henrion, a young Parisian designer trained at the Atelier Chardon Savard stands out for her...

cocoashampoo cocoashampoo


BEAUTY Warrior Botanicals is a brand new, fully artisanal body care brand, based in West Cork, Ireland, founded by Reidin Beattie. The brand is...

heroinp e heroinp e


FASHION Soreil is a luxury hand-made lingerie brand in Colombia, with a lot of care and research of high quality fabrics, which result in...

cross e cross e


FASHION Made In Brazil, the brand is based on the curation of its pieces for the personal purpose of Iris, creator of the eponymous...

alexandralongok alexandralongok


FASHION Alexandra Long is a designer whose fashion targets sexist stereotypes and the static expectations of modern fashion by reinforcing the personality of her...

oden oden


BEAUTY Oden is a brand of cosmetics based on French plants, developed in partnership with farmers in French regions. Founded by Marion Weber, Oden...

littleliffner littleliffner


FASHION Founder, Paulina Liffner Von Sydow offers pieces combining the contemporary and the old school. The creations allow you to imbue your style and...

alexandrej alexandrej


BEAUTY Designer and French creative, Alexandre.J frees himself from the codes of the traditional perfumery to propose his vision of the Beautiful: the alliance...

levca levca


FASHION Founded by Alex Levy Cailleux, LEVCA is a French ready-to-wear brand, 100% made in Parisian workshops. It is inspired by many sources: 70s...

vincentpar vincentpar


FASHION Founded by Anna Alcázar and Cristina Martí, VincentPar is the result of many years of experience and design in different companies and countries....

midgardparishome midgardparishome


FASHION Founded by the designer Marina Plisova, Midgard Paris immerses you in a universe, that of a jewel that wants to be more than...

striiiipes leather coffee cup holders landing page full collection colors e striiiipes leather coffee cup holders landing page full collection colors e


FASHIONLIFESTYLE Striiiipes is a fashion and lifestyle accessories brand founded by Arthur Lhermitte. Produced and designed in a Parisian workshop, the original creations developed...

courtisancouture e courtisancouture e


FASHION Founded by Benjamin, a young Frenchman from several cultures, Courtisan Couture is a French leather goods brand specializing in exotic leather. The brand’s...


KODD is a high-end 2.0 media and 360° consulting agency.

Kodd in a few words :
Since 2014, +2000 partners in the world with +5 Million people through +70 Countries.

A new generation media and agency that promotes the know-how of actors from the fields of fashion, beauty and culture.

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KODD KORNER (KODD GROUP) is a consulting expertise that accompanies companies in their challenges.

– defining or adapting your strategy to succeed in your challenges,
– develop your business,
– taking care of your data, protecting and securing it,
– adapt your organisation and optimise your costs.


KODD KORNER (KODD GROUP) is a marketing consultancy that supports its clients in their commercial growth (commercial strategy + digital strategy).

– a btob marketing consultancy agency to revise its strategy.
– a marketing strategy adapted to the company’s resources.
– marketing consulting adapted to digital transformation.


KODD KORNER (KODD GROUP) is an international strategy consulting firm (Paris, New York, Moscow, Dubai) with global expertise and 3 complementary services for the development of your business :

– KODDLab, a creative studio for the digitalisation of your activity.
– KODDRoom, a Parisian showroom dedicated to international brands, companies and artists.
– KODDSelection, a web platform dedicated to the agency’s favourite projects.

Find our brands (koddselection, koddlab & koddroom) via KODD KORNER (www.koddkorner.com)

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KODD Magazine — The magazine which aims to highlight creative, brands and companies that share our commitment to excellence. Discoveries, Fashion, Beauty, Culture…


All the latest fashion news from Kodd Magazine: advice, trends, style ideas, new collections, new designers, ready-to-wear fashion shows (Spring-Summer, Autumn-Winter), Fashion Week in Paris, Milan, London, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Singapore, Dubai, Tokyo, Copenhagen, Seoul, Berlin or Tbilisi. Haute couture, luxury fashion, designers for men, women and children for two or three days.

Fashion & Looks for the greatest pleasure of our readers. (Young fashion magazine, music fashion magazine, fashion trends, fashion advice, fashion accessories, fashion shopping)

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KODD Magazine aims to give visibility to creators and entrepreneurs from the urban culture.

All the latest news, culture, music, cinema, street & pop art, Rap, Hip-hop, events, going out in Paris,…

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